The meaning of education has changed altogether in recent times. It includes a lot of information and tests the memory of students. Actually, in most cases, it heads nowhere and one cannot even guarantee the minimum wages for survival after getting any educational degree. Many elements like family atmosphere, economic and social background are not taken into consideration. Usually these factors also affect the performance of students. After some time, it leads to dissatisfaction and students starts to get demotivated. Many times the nonperformance/availability of quality teaching staff and support staff is also a reason behind students’ drop out percentage.

Ultimately students after getting demotivated lose interest in education system and there is no such mechanism which can monitor this exit or raise alarm or try to get them back to the system. At CitizenCOP Foundation, we try to find such students on roads and squares anywhere near-by.

As an organization, we try to take the responsibility of such students just like their parents and teachers or other authorities to monitor their performance. We check them through different tools, identifying their weak areas and extend our support wherever it is required. This is a continual process and it is continued till it is required by any individual. This program includes base line evolution, performance analysis and capacity building of students.