Safety & Security

We all are aware of the importance of safety and security in our lives .Most importantly, it is always better to take precaution so we need to equip ourselves with tools. CitizenCOP application provides a power-packed utility for users to help and empower them.

The application is loaded with useful features like SOS, My Safe Zone, My Closed Group and more. With SOS Help, you can get help in emergency situations with a single tap. The SOS Help button ensures simultaneous flow of information to nearest police control room and to the saved contacts of the user. This feature has given an edge to the application.

CitizenCOP emphasizes on wellbeing of residents of a city, especially women and children. It has been successful in removing the barrier between citizens and police department.

CitizenCOP is a mobile application that:

  • Provides empowerment, safety and convenience to common man
  • Encourages public participation in raising voice anytime, anywhere against any unlawful, illegal act and development area.
  • Takes a step forward towards a crime-free city, safe & civilized society