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Smart Governance


Mark your attendance as a government teacher easily in the app.

Apply for leave

Apply for a leave through the app itself.

News and updates

Get all the news and updates of the school in your phone.

SmartGovernance is a smart application that is developed in order to provide convenience to the Government teachers of Madhya Pradesh to punch their attendance from their very own Smart Phone.
It is being used successfully by more than 70,000 teachers in the state of Madhya Pradesh alone. All in all this initiative for maintaining attendance of teachers in Government Schools has helped a lot of professionals in the way they work. There is no lack of accuracy anymore. The teachers do to get a chance to be absent and get unnoticed for the same. This has been increasing the quality of education in such areas as well. Clearly, knowing that the attendance is being supervised, makes the government school teachers take their work more seriously and be answerable for their absence.
This is not a public App and requires approval / authentication before making use of it from respective department heads. It leverages technology for the benefit of the employees. As the attendance is marked using the phone, it automatically fetches the location details to ensure accuracy.


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