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Why CitizenCOP Is Most Effective Policing Tool In India?

Why CitizenCOP Is Most Effective Policing Tool In India?

Rising criminal offense and illegal activities have become the most critical problems at national and even international level. It is no more a single area, city, or state that is safe for citizens, in fact, crime rate is rising at a quicker pace in almost every section of the society. Common man is fighting hard to keep himself and his dear ones safe. People are tired of Crimes, Harassment, Corruption, Traffic Issues and Municipal Issues. People are tired because nobody listens to them or cares for their issues. They started saying nothing can improve India, until they hear about CitizenCOP.

The team behind CitizenCOP has done a thorough research for the reasons of why Crime is high in India? Why police is ineffective? Why things are kept pending and not solved in time?

The reason we found out were:

So we thought to eliminate the lacuna. We figured out all reasons behind and how to overcome:

We created CitizenCOP which can successfully be implemented in all of the cities to eliminate the crime from the grassroots. Know how it targets all problems:

This is how a user can help police and the society, but there could be many situations when somebody can get into danger and may require an instant help. In distress, it is very difficult to find important contact numbers right in your device and call them to inform about the emergency. “Help Me” functionality is crafted, keeping all these factors into consideration.

CitizenCOP lets the user to send SOS (Help) messages to 4 contacts of user’s choice and a copy is also sent to the police control room with single click. As we understand that friends and family may be at far distance or unable to check the message on time, but police is available 24/7 for help. The SOS message contain your current location so operator at police control room forwards your location to nearest PCR van so that you can get immediate help.

To use this feature user need not to search the application in 100s of apps installed in mobile, simply shake it and the application will open the Help Me window.
is enabled through shake motion so.

This is only the start of what CitizenCOP can do. It has a lot of other features that protects people in time of emergency and provides lot of convenience in their smart-phones.

Our more features include:

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