A bridge that unites citizens and police

The Idea

There are many times when we need instant help and by the time we search for help, it is too late. This is mainly because we are unaware about whom to approach and where exactly can we find that person. Even the law enforcement authorities find it difficult to reach for help in a very short duration of time due rising population and rapidly growing security needs. Here rises a clear need of a platform, where help can be made easily available and, where even citizens can help police to help serve us better.
CitizenCOP is an an application which is designed on 3 pillars. These pillars are, safety, empowerment & convenience. This application is a way of providing a platform that brings together the police administration as well as citizens. One of the greatest parts about the application is that it is effortlessly scalable to any city or state across India. CitizenCOP is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions.

There are various features in the application like Report an Incident, Help Me, My Safe Zone, Notifications, Live tracking, Police Phone directory, Nearby, Vehicle Owner Search, Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator, My Close Group, Emergency Call, Report Lost Article, Pledge, Over speeding alert, Traffic IQ, Travel Safe, Towed Vehicle Search, Character / Tenant Verification, Hotel Guest Entry Interface, Geofencing of Thana Boundaries etc. New features are being added on a regular basis.

CitizenCOP is not just another incident reporting tool , it combines safety, convenience and empowerment. It is working In association with MP Police, Chhattisgarh Police, Maharashtra Police, UP Police and various Municipal Corporations.

What do we bring to you

With an aim to bring police and citizens together against crime, we have developed an influential tool that empowers common man. It comes with a bundle of compelling features to help citizens find instant help whenever they require. Additionally, it facilitates users to voluntarily report a crime without disclosing identity, secure themselves in safe zone, access quick help, call police and enjoy convenience through instant towed vehicle search and notifications. This is how we bring to you a platform that strengthen accessibility.

Team behind the creation

CitizenCOP is conceptualized, designed, developed by INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are technology people headquartered in Indore Madhya Pradesh with global footprint in USA. We have extensive experience of creating technology solutions to broad range of clients ranging from industries, education institutes to government organization. It is through our teams dedicated efforts and strong zeal that we had come up with such a unique utility to the society. We feel proud to implement this platform as a mediator between police force and general public.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][accordions][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Report an Incident”]Report An Incident

Many of us have come across situations, where we could have helped a victim by reporting the witnessed incidence. It is the time when more and more criminal incidences remain unreported because of fear of harassment, social taboos, physical harm etc.

By conducting a thorough analysis of current scenario and consultation with police authorities we identified the lacunas that restrict common man to up raise voice. We found that the fear of identity disclosure was major reason that was hurdle in smooth communication between police and common man.

CitizenCop provides functionality to anonymously report any criminal or illegal activity directly to the police department with crime location, images or videos of the act and description about the same. This functionality does not disclose the identity of the sender and thus, he or she can assure safety.

How will you do it?

CitizenCOP comes with a convenient way of making a anonymous complaint/report of any incidence. You just need to capture an image, video or audio and click ‘Send information’ button. It lets you report a crime within a few clicks.

Why should you use it?
  • Your identity is never disclosed.
  • It is easy and manageable.
  • Accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Offers a variety of platforms to report incidences.

“Come lets create a Crime free society.”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Help Me”]

Many of us have come across situations, where we could have helped a victim by reporting the witThere could be many situations when somebody can get into danger and may require an instant help. In distress, it is very difficult to find important contact numbers right in your device and call them to inform about the emergency. Help Me functionality is crafted, keeping all these factors into consideration.

There are many add-ons that make this SOS functionality a unique concept. To initiate a quick during any emergency, a copy of the SOS message is also sent to the police control room. The feature is now enhanced with technology like Shake motion detector and proximity sensor that lets a user to open Send SMS window directly by shaking the device or waving finger in front of device camera.

How can you use it?

You just need to add some trusted contacts in the application. The moment you feel insecure and need help, you can simply click on ‘HELP ME’ button to send SOS message to your near ones with your location. Shake motion detector facilitates sending SOS message by simply shaking the device whenever you are in need.

Why should you use it?

  • Share your exact Geo location.
  • A message is also sent to police control room to initiate quick help.
  • It is just one single shake and you are safe.
  • Enable once and use it any time anywhere.
  • Hassle free and convenient.

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”My Safe Zone”]

In today’s scenario where crime can be seen everywhere around, self safety measures are crucial to ensure self security. After all it is about being alert and prepared to stop danger from reaching you or your loved ones. CitizenCOP not only helps you in reaching right police help, it also facilitates utmost self safety through its amazing feature – My Safe Zone.

My Safe Zone allows you to create a secure boundary around yourself. By fencing a device, you can set a geographical limit for it, and if the device crosses the fenced boundary, a message for its information is sent to the added contacts. It is extremely useful functionality that supports women safety.

How can you use it?

To create a safe boundary for your device you just need to click on desired locations on map. You can modify the fencing as per your need. Just save your fencing and leave everything on us. It will shoot an auto generated message to added contacts, whenever the device crosses the prefixed boundaries initiating quick help.

Why should you use it?

  • Create a safe boundary for yourself.
  • Fence your device on map.
  • Best tool for self safety.
  • Instant alerts to added contacts.
  • Real time tracking of device.

“Knit a Safe Zone around youreself”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Notifications”]

We all hate sudden route diversions and long traffic queues, especially when we are already late for some important work. This feature is specifically designed to keep you alert, so that all citizens together maintain organized flow of traffic in city. This feature keeps you aware about all important news that is published by law enforcement authorities for citizens.

The facility of news updates and notification is purely crafted to add to the convenience of common man. It promotes smooth flow of communication between police and society. The functionality has been developed to contribute in better traffic management and therefore helps in broadcasting live traffic updates to smoothen of traffic in the society. This feature is enthusiastically used by police officers to communicate important messages to public.

How can you use it?

This is easy to use function. Just click on the ‘News Updates’ button and enjoy all updates at one place. CitizenCOP with this unique feature boosts communication between police and citizens by sending right piece of information at right time.

Why should you use it?
  • Its easy and hassle free
  • Single click process
  • Stay updated and stay alert

“Enjoy instant notifications and stay alert.”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Live tracking “]

If you have children, friends or loved ones that are new to a place and are forgetful at times then this feature can be a life safer in many situations. Additionally, live tracking can be a real time safety tool for travelers so that, their families can stay assured and keep a check any time they want. CitizenCop comes with an exclusive feature that provides user the facility of live location tracking.

How can you use it?

To use this feature you simply need to register at www.gpsnow.in for free, and get a device key. This will help you to track the device live, by a simple log in through www.gpsnow.in. Just enter your device key to get started with real time tracking.

Why should you use it?
  • Stay with your loved ones even while walking alone.
  • View entire locations traveled on map.
  • Real time tracking of speed.
  • Hassle free tracking through your mobile phone.

“Live tracking of exact locations travelled”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Police Phone directory”]

The facility of ‘Call police’ works as a competent thana locator, that lets you reach the nearest police help in case of emergency. Every Police station has fixed process and handles a specific area to provide potential security to citizens. You cannot assure that you would need help only in the area you reside. Danger can knock your door anytime anywhere. This police phone directory gives you the exact reach to BEAT in-charge wherever you are in need.

We know that calling police help is the ultimate solution to any emergency, but we often miss help numbers in distress. Moreover, whenever danger strikes us, we require a quick help. This is possible only through the nearest police station. With a convenient police phone directory in your hand, you can conveniently access the contact details of nearby police stations and officials.

Why should you use it?
  • All police contact details are fenced on the map.
  • GPS lets you filter contacts as per your current location.
  • Quick reach to help lets you stay safer.
  • Call or SMS contacts as per your need.

“Get quick reach to police help”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Nearby”]

Sometimes while travelling you might land up in a place where you have no idea about any geographical location of any area and might get encounter with an emergency situation. Your requirement can be anything a medical emergency or monetary need, for which you might need to browse the nearest location on web.

Searching on web can be complex sometimes. Nearby functionality is added keeping this factor into consideration. It makes this process simpler by letting you access authentic information in real-time. It is immensely helpful while you’re traveling to an unknown place. It gives you real time information on all those important places that can be of help at any point of time.

How can you use it?

Nearby functionality provides the easiest way to find important places like police station, hospitals, Bank/ATM etc nearest to your current location. You just need to tap the nearby option from the settings menu and it will quickly identify your exact location while helping you find the nearest place that you might be looking for.

Why should you use it?
  • Instant search facility
  • Quick access to help with exact distance
  • Easy to use and brings most relevant results
  • Map view of locations for better understanding.

“You can never feel lost even at a new place”

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator”]

Most of us have faced experience of over-priced taxi, cab, or auto fares. You must have noticed taxi and autowala’s taking very high rates during late night calling it night charges. CitizenCOP understands this problem so we are rolling out our new feature Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator. A feature that will not only save you a lot of money but also help you to report against those who falsely take more money.

CitizenCOP’s Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator uses intelligent fare estimating technique to forecast cost of Auto/taxi charges. With this feature you will get a realistic fare within a couple of seconds. The fare will be calculated on the basis of ★ Rate ★ Traffic ★ Timing of day (Peek hours, Night Charges etc.).

“It means even if you are new to a place no taxi or auto-wala can cheat you either by taking you from a longer place or asking more money then the ride deserves.”

How to use Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator

This feature is very easy to use. All you need to do is follow these simple 5 steps

  • Open Auto-Taxi Fare Calculator on CitizenCOP Mobile App
  • If GPS settings are de-activated activate it.
  • Select your current location.
  • Enter address, business name or a nearby landmark.
  • Select the destination location on map.

Now our calculator will let you know the accurate estimate of Auto fare charges you need to pay for your travel.

Why should you use it?
  • Search by address, business name or landmark
  • Find out the correct charges at unknown distances only through address
  • No more higher fares by fast/altered taximeters
  • No cheating through incorrect and inflated fare cards
  • Reasonable night charges
  • Assists a new-comer to the City, with shorter routes
  • Report culprit Cab, Taxi, Auto for unreasonable fares

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”My Close Group”]

CitizenCop is a unique blend of technology for the benefit of the society. It offers a bundle of phenomenal features promising utmost safety & security for betterment of the society. One of such features is “My Close Group”. With this feature you can track live location of your children, loved ones, friends etc. This feature can be a life saver in many situations.

CitizenCOP not only helps you in reaching police help at the right time, but it also facilitates utmost self safety through its amazing features like – My Close Group. So feel Safe & Relaxed with CitizenCop “My Close Group” feature.

How can you use it?

To use this feature you simply need to login into CitizenCop, and then click “My Close Group” button. Create a group of your loved ones by adding their phone number from your phonebook.

Once you will add people in the group, they will receive a password key which you need to enter as a confirmation from their side. Just enter your device key to get started with real time tracking.

With this you will be able to track the live location of all the people added in your group and make sure they are safe.[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Emergency Call”]

Get instant help while in trouble or any emergency situation with CitizenCOP “Emergency Call” feature. In just one click you can get important helpline numbers. In emergency you can get quick access to following numbers:

  • Police Control Room
  • Ambulance
  • Child Helpline
  • Fire Control Room
  • CM Helpline etc

Please note that an unethical use of this feature is offensive and punishable if the information is sent for fun or to distract the police department.

[/accordion][accordion bottom_margin=”10″ tag=”h5″ heading=”Report Lost Article”]

Report Lost Article
Lodging a complaint about a lost article no longer requires going to the nearest police station and spending hours there, all thanks to CitizenCOP. With CitizenCOP’s “Report lost Article” feature you can file a complaint against any lost article instantly.
You can Report Complaints for lost of:

  • Mobile Phone/Sim Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
How can you use it?

Click “Report Lost Article” feature & select the category in which you want to report. Once the category is selected, you need to fill information about your article & your personal details & then submit it. After submitting you will get a complaint number, which is your reference number for further communication. This reference number can also be used to apply for a duplicate SIM card.

You can also check status of your complaints by using the complaint number you have received.[/accordion][/accordions][/vc_column][/vc_row]