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With a gratitude towards trees, we execute organized plantation and maintainence all around!


Providing an opportunitty to gift something memorable; to gift a tree to your loved ones.


Your trees tagged under your name with a QR code, and all the information with you.

An initiative creating awareness of conservation and preservation of trees, promoting the use of second hand books as a way of transferring knowledge and eventually saving trees. It promotes the awareness about planting more and planting smartly to maintain the eco-balance. With intelligent use of technology the application provides the experts with data that is used to draft a plan for organized plantation.

Just buy a GreenGENE gift card and present it to your loved ones on their special occasions. They can scan the QR code on the gift card to know the details of tree gifted to them. They can also regular check the status of the tree and its maintenance schedule with by scanning the QR code.

Users also get a chance to volunteer in organized planting. The application makes it easy for them to update the authorities about the status of the plant.

The use of this application will lead to a beautiful green habitat, eventually leaving the same for our generations to come.

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