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Body Organ Donation


Enlightening people about the benefits of organ donation in anybody's life.

Donor List

The information of all the donors is organised in a proper list.


Get all the news and updates related to body organ donations in Indore.

The main idea behind building this platform is to give a system structure for facilitating organ donation. It also enlightens people about benefits of organ donation in anybody’s life. Till date, more than 5,000 donations facilitated with help of hospitals and transplant
Coordinators. ‘INDORE SOCIETY FOR ORGAN DONATION’ mobile application is a bridge between needy and donor. It brings together needy, person who is willing to donate organ, NGO, Hospitals and Doctors at one place. The application is useful for both donors and people looking for organ donors. Any person willing to donate organ can register himself in the donor list, so that any one looking for transplant, can contact a prospective donor.

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