CyberCOP Application stands at the forefront of the battle against cybercrime, serving as a comprehensive platform designed to empower users, raise cyber awareness, and combat digital threats effectively. Developed through a joint initiative of the CitizenCop foundation and the Madhya Pradesh Police, this application embodies a multifaceted approach towards enhancing digital safety and security across India.

At the core of CyberCOP Application lies a mission to create a safer digital space by combating cybercrime, raising cyber awareness, and empowering users to protect themselves online. Through a user-friendly interface, the application provides essential features and functionalities aimed at achieving these objectives.

Main Features of the App

Seamless Login and Registration

Users are welcomed to the platform with seamless login and registration capabilities, ensuring secure access to personalized services and information.

Trending Fraud Alerts

Gain access to trending fraud alerts and related stories, empowering users with up-to-date knowledge about prevalent scams and fraud tactics.

News updates

Be updated with any change in GST rules and regulations easily through the app.

Proactive Notifications

Receive notifications when someone attempts to solicit sensitive information like OTP or other crucial details, serving as a vital warning against potential threats.

Effortless Complaint PDF Generation

Effortlessly generate complaint PDFs with just a single click, streamlining the process of reporting cyber fraud incidents to the authorities in a structured format.

Nationwide Coverage

Designed to cater to users across India, ensuring nationwide coverage and accessibility.

CyberCops Certification

Aim to certify individuals as CyberCops, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat cybercrime actively.

Holistic Approach to Digital Safety

Stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against cybercrime, offering a holistic approach towards digital safety and security through empowerment, awareness, and fostering a network of certified CyberCops.


The CyberCOP App!