Queue Management

Distributing polling material and ensuring it reaches the polling booth on time can be a tedious task. This application provides ease in election material distribution to polling parties. It helps marking real time attendance and knowing about material collection window, bus route, and details of all polling party team members etc.

The application works on four different logins which are as follows-

  • Scan Attendance- By scanning the barcode, the attendance of the party members can be marked.
  • Material Distribution- By scanning the barcode, the status of the material distribution can be known.
  • Sector Status- By logging in here, the information related to the attendance, material distribution and transport can be viewed and a message or call can be dropped to the missing party member.
  • Transport Status- By logging in, and feeding the AC no. along with the the bus no., the details of the bus routes, its arrival as well as its departure can be gained.

All in all, the application assists in managing a complicated process of the election, with ease and the help of technology.