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Add crime

Users can add a crime to maintain proper records of the same.

Observation Notebook

Fill details for who is incharge of what beat area and police station etc.

Update Status

User can view and update the status of the crime, who assigned it etc.

This application is basically designed for the internal use by the police department to facilitate efficient and effective policing. The app majorly aims on helping the police officials, with the execution of all the processes in a better, more organized as well as transparent working.

eProCOP provides hassle-free and faster communication, better coordination and efficient functioning all over. It helps the police officials throughout all of their process, no matter how big or small they are. This eventually leads to an all over better organized and transparent functioning of the departments. It also maintains organized collection of important data that is required by the police department. eProCOP facilitates beat wise criminals mapping and work assignments. The application has been loaded with several utilities that will help the police department in various ways. It focuses on controlling crime, and detecting as well as investigating it in a proper and organized manner.
With the concept of Smart City and Cities in India, and Smart and Responsible Citizens, this is a concept of Smart Police and Smart Policing with Proficient, professional and proactive police.


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