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Pollution Meter


Creating awareness about the rising levels of pollution in the city.


See the intensity of water, noise and air pollution through a meter.


Monitor the change in levels of pollution through the app as it increases or decreases.

An Initiative to raise pollution awareness among Citizens across 8 Divisions of Indore. It is targeting monitoring of Air, Noise and Water Pollution. It is a joint effort by Divisional Administration of Indore, MP Pollution Control Board, MP Police and Citizen COP Foundation.

The pollution levels in Indore, Madhya Pradesh are rising rapidly. It is high time citizens of Indore start taking pollution and pollution related problems seriously. Tackling pollution is responsibility of each and every individual of Indore, and no one can hide from it. This application provides you with a meter to check the intensity of the pollution.

It has amazingly effective features like:
Monitor pollution of Indore Division in real time Single app for Air, water and sound pollution Precise data given with the help of local administration.

Whether it is an area you live in or a random place in the city, you can know the intensity of the pollution right there. Once you do that, and get enlightened to take steps against it, you can see the difference you have made, in the form of the decreased numbers.


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