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Traffic Safety Awareness


Spreading awareness about the importance of safety in traffic.


Encouraging people to follow traffic rules as they are.


Take a pledge of following the traffic rules and making the city safer on the road.

Encouraging citizens to take a pledge to improve traffic discipline. The campaign mainly aims at bringing in motivation for the citizens for them to follow all the rules of traffic in a disciplined manner. Keeping the importance of road safety in mind, CitizenCOP Foundation has come up with an initiative where the citizens can come together and take a pledge of following the traffic rules. It is a two-step process, where the citizens have to download the application and just press the pledge button to take one.

The feeling of doing something together, will contribute to the road safety of the nation.

We promote the revision of rules and regulations of traffic, so that anyone who sees a sign on the street, knows what it means. This is in order to jog their memory with regard to traffic rules. Hence, we have another unique feature that provides the option of taking a quiz based on traffic rules and regulations, to test their memory.

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