This is an initiative that helps in the execution of the idea of using excess cooked food to feed the hungry and needy people. Aahar is a platform where excess cooked food is procured and distributed among hungry as well as needy people. It connects the individuals with volunteers as well as NGOs. The application provides a provision to click pictures and capture the geolocation at the time of distribution. This is provided so that the donor is able to come to know, where his donations of food is/are being distributed.Hoteliers, caterers hostels, associations can also become a regular donor besides individuals. Anyone who can, is eligible to contribute as and when they have surplus food. It is an initiative starting from Indore city of Madhya Pradesh and is well scale-able to other parts of the Nation as well.The idea of the whole application is to make sure that no one sleeps HUNGRY! It is a joint Initiative with Mr. Sanjay Dubey, IAS, Divisional Commissioner Indore.