Proximity Sensor To Send Help Me –
Enable proximity sensor from settings tab to let your device sense physical nearness to send SOS message. You simply need to wave your finger continuously for 5 seconds near the device. It opens the Help Me!! Screen without entering the application.

My Safe Zone –
To enable and use My Safe Zone feature, you need to set ON My Safe Zone option under Settings. Next, you need to create a fence click and proceed further.

Help Me!! With 3 times Power Press Button
When you switch on this setting, you will be able to send SOS message by pressing the power button of the device thrice. It opens the Help Me!! Screen, just tap on the Emergency SOS button to send help message.

Headset Plugged and Unplugged
With this setting, you can open the Help Me!! Screen by plugging and unplugging your headset. Tap on Emergency SOS to send help message to your saved contacts.

SOS Snooze!
With SOS Snooze!, you can set the emergency SOS message on snooze. Once you send an emergency help message, it will be sent again and again at an interval set in Snooze.

Shake To Send Help Me –
When you turn ON the Shake To Send Help Me option, you can send instant help message by shaking your phone thrice. In case you are in an emergency situation, shake your phone to send auto-generated SMS to your saved contacts instantly. You do not have to open and go inside the application for seeking SOS help.
Once you set this feature to ON, you can directly use it by simply shaking your mobile in the time of emergency. After you shake the device, it will take you to a screen with Send SMS button. Simply tap on Send SMS to send Help Me message.
Remember! If you have not added any contacts, then you will find the add contact screen first when you shake the device. In this case, add contacts and then click Send SMS button.

Help Me Timer
You can set for an Emergency help message to be triggered after specific time duration. Just set the time in the timer and tap on start timer. You can reset the timer as per your requirement.

Track My Location –
Track My Location helps you track your device on Google map. It requires GPS setting to be turned on. The device needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data Internet. Just click on Track My Location button, get a device key by registering at and enter the key in the space provided at GPS Now page to get started with your device tracking.