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CitizenCOP – A Free Safety Mobile App that Brings Police & Citizens Together

CitizenCOP – A Free Safety Mobile App that Brings Police & Citizens Together

Citizen COP a FREE Safety mobile application is available at Google play & Apple Store with exclusive features like – Report an Incident, Shake motion detector, Towed vehicle search, GPS based GEO Fencing of Police stations, Near By & My Safe Zone.

The rapid rise in population & their security needs has been resulting in communication gap between the available security resources and security needs of society. This clearly identifies the need of a competent platform to resolve the problem. INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been working as an IT consultant to Police department and has provided a solution in the form of Citizen COP mobile application. With this mobile technology, citizens are entrusted with an influential tool that can let them help police in creating a safer society. INFOCRATS has developed this unique application as a part of of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Citizen COP provides a unique facility to the citizens through which they can instantly report an illegal activity through their smart phones with support of images, audio and video. The feature is enabled with GPS technology through which the sender can easily file a complaint with the location of the crime. The information is immediately sent to the police control room without disclosing the identity of the sender.

It has taken a brave step against women crime as it provides an influential tool by which anybody can access instant help by sending auto generated help SMS to family and police through a single click. The application is also imbibed with shake motion detector technology that detects the shake motion of the device and automatically opens the send SMS window to enable instant messaging.


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