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How Can CitizenCOP Help You

How Can CitizenCOP Help You

CitizenCOP is a mobile application developed for a social cause. CitizenCOP is an initiative taken to build a safer society of common man. It brings instant police help & real time information at your fingertips. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

CitizenCOP offers a bundle of convenient features promising utmost safety and convenience to common man. It includes features like:
Report an Incident: This feature lets the user to capture images and videos to instantly report a crime. It helps common man to become a responsible citizen. The user can capture images if he witnesses any crime and report it directly to the police department by a single click on ‘Send’ button. A user can even select multiple images from the gallery to send it to the police.

Help Me: It lets user to call for an instant help whenever the user is in need. By a single click on HELP ME button, the application sends an auto generated message to contact details already added along with the GEO location of the user. It also reports the same information to police control room to help them initiate a quick action.

My Safe Zone: It allows you to create a secure boundary for yourself. It highly promotes self security. By fencing a device you can set a geographical limit for it, and if the device crosses the fenced boundary, a message for its information is sent to the added contacts. It is an extremely useful functionality that supports women safety.

Towed vehicle search: CitizenCOP provides an effective utility of searching vehicle information that has been towed by the traffic police officials. The information provided by the Application includes vehicle images, puck location and drop location or crane officer contact details.

Notifications: The mobile application comes with a PUSH notification feature that can be used to get live traffic updates and any important news that has been published by police for general public.

Live Location Tracking: CitizenCOP comes with an exclusive feature that provides user the facility of live location tracking. To use this feature one needs to register at for free and get a device key. This helps user to track his device live, by a simple log in through

Police Directory: It helps the user to know the contact details of police authorities at nearby locations. On enabling the GPS settings, user can get the filtered contacts that are relevant to user’s current location.

Near By: A user can conveniently browse nearby important places like ATM, airport, Bus stand, at the time of any emergency. This functionality is of utmost convenience and can prove to be very helpful at the time of any emergency.


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